The Seneca County Building and Fire Code Enforcement Department are committed to reducing the time to process a Building Permit application.  Collecting the required information to make an Incomplete application complete accounts for 5-10 business days of delay.

As a result, beginning Monday, January 4th, 2016 incomplete Building Permit applications will no longer be accepted.

ALL Building Permit applications require the following documentation:

  1. The completed and legible Building Permit Application; AND
  2. the correct fee, (either cash or by check payable to the Seneca County Treasurer; AND
  3. proof of compliance with Section 57 of Worker’s Compensation Law; AND
  4. a copy of the Town or Village’s issued Zoning/Land Use Permit (if applicable); AND
  5. two (2) complete sets of plans and/or specifications – stamped where required; AND

If you submit a Building Permit Application without ALL of the above information,  the Application will be DENIED.

Remember, the application is an APPLICATION for a Building Permit. All applications must be reviewed by the Code Enforcement Officer to ensure that the project plans comply with the minimum requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code.

Please allow 6-10 business days from submission of the application for the plan review and site visit prior to issuance of Building Permit, especially during peak construction season: April – October.

Proof of compliance with Section 57 of the Worker’s Compensation Law
Acceptable proof of compliance with Workers’ Compensation Law:

  1. CE-200 (Certificate of Attestation of Exemption) if the building is  a 1,2,3, or 4 Family Owner-Occupied residence, and the Owner is doing the work themselves; OR
  2. CE-200 (Certificate of Attestation of Exemption) if your contractor has no employees or is part of a partnership; OR
  3. Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance (C105.2 or U26.3) AND a Certificate of Disability Benefits Compensation Insurance (DB120.1)