The Seneca County Welfare Fraud Unit is assigned to the Commissioner of the Human Services (HS) to ensure case integrity and to investigate fraud. Welfare Fraud Investigators participate with Case Examiners in the Temporary Assistance Unit to prevent welfare fraud through “front end detection” efforts during the initial application process for assistance prior to the opening of cases.

Investigators follow-up on information and investigate allegations regarding welfare fraud involving open cases as well. In addition to conducting investigations into allegations of misuse or fraud in medical assistance, public assistance, food stamp benefit, and the home energy assistance programs; the Welfare Fraud Unit assists in and handles investigates referrals from other HS units such as Childcare, Adult Care, Child Protection and Child Support.

Fraud Investigators work with DHS staff to enable and facilitate the collection of repayments of benefits that should not have been paid and the recovery of resources that HS has a claim as the result of assistance previously granted. The Unit makes every attempted to provide information to and refer individuals that need assistance to the appropriate staff.