Some important facts about how Emergency Services are provided in Seneca County and how you can join:

  • Volunteers Provide the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Protection in Your Community.
  • There are 12 volunteer fire departments and approximately 300+ volunteer firefighters in Seneca County.
  • No previous emergency services experience or training is required to volunteer.
  • Some fire companies and ambulance corps offer various forms of membership such as EMS, Fire Police, Fire Fighting, Specialized Rescue or Corporate Membership.
  • All fire departments and ambulance corps offer FREE training, personal protection equipment, pagers, and uniforms.
  • All Fire and Ambulance Companies in Seneca County Need Volunteers.

If You’re Tough Enough, If You’re Smart Enough, If You Care Enough to Volunteer

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For More Information about how you can join the exciting field of volunteer fire fighting and emergency medical services:

Seneca County Emergency Management

(315) 539-1756

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