Traffic Ticket Plea Reduction by Mail

Print the following form, fill out and return it along with your abstract, copy of your ticket and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the district attorney’s office.

All of these items must be received by our office in order to offer you a reduction by mail.

Please mail this information to:

Seneca County District Attorney’s Office
44 W. Williams Street, STOP 2
Waterloo, NY 13165

If you have an upcoming court date, please contact the court and advise them that you have contacted our office and that you will be doing a plea by mail, the court should grant you an adjournment to get this done.

Fines are set at the courts’ discretion. The District Attorney’s Office has no control over the amount of the fine imposed by the courts.

Please note: The District Attorney’s Office is not permitted to offer advice on the telephone to individuals who have been issued traffic tickets, and cannot offer reductions to traffic tickets on the telephone.