Absentee Voting

Qualifications for Absentee Voting

A voter may qualify to vote by absentee ballot if their duties, occupation, business or vacation requires them to be absent from their county of residence on election day or if they will be confined by illness, physical disability or for some other reason either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Request an Absentee Ballot

You can receive an Absentee Ballot Application one of three ways:

  • Download the Absentee Ballot Application  and return the completed form to the Elections Office.
  • Call the office (315-539-1760) and we will send you an Absentee Ballot Application form in the mail
  • Visit our office and pick one up

Handicap Accessible Absentee Information

If you are visually impaired or otherwise disabled, such that your disability requires you to use an accessible absentee ballot application, you have two accessible options to request a ballot on this page, either using the Accessible Electronic Ballot Application Portal:

Or,Voters with special needs can use the special ADA Compliant Accessible Ballot Application, click the link below.

Handicap Accessible Electronic Absentee Ballot Application

All Absentee ballot requests must include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address on voter registration
  • Mailing address (if different)
  • Reason for voting absentee
  • Signature

If you require an accessible Voter Registration please use the following link:

*It is important: to fill out the Absentee Application completely using only a pen with blue or black ink. Deliver in person or mail (do not FAX) the Absentee Ballot Application to the Seneca County Elections office at 1 DiPronio Drive, Waterloo, NY 13165.

Military and Special Federal Absentee Voters

Military and Overseas Voters – Please view the following Public Service Announcement about the deadline extension for the absentee ballot

Military and Overseas Voters Public Service Announcement

Military – Persons serving in the military (and their family members) may vote from their designated ‘home of record’, regardless of where they may be stationed or for how long. Military voters may register and vote in local, state and federal elections by completing an application and sending it to the board of elections in your ‘home of record’ county.

Special Federal – U. S. citizens living abroad whose last U. S. address was in Seneca County are only allowed to vote for Federal Offices. These include President, Vice President, U. S. Senator, and Congress.

If you meet either of these requirements, go to Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)  and mail the completed application to (INSTRUCTIONS HERE: Federal Post Card Instruction Sheet ):

Seneca County Board of Elections
1 Dipronio Drive
Waterloo, NY 13165

Instructions for Absentee Voters

To be counted, an absentee ballot must be postmarked no later than close of the day of the Election Day and must reach the Board of Elections no more than seven (7) days after the election.

When you receive an absentee ballot, read the directions that are printed in it. Do not make any stray marks or write anywhere on the ballot other than the selection boxes. The only time you may write on the ballot is when you want to vote for someone else whose name does not appear on the ballot – then you may write-in his or her name in the approved spaces. If there are propositions up for a vote, you will find them on the back of the ballot. Mark your vote by filling in the choice of either “yes” or “no”.

After making your votes near your choices, fold the ballot and put it in the smaller envelope. Sign and date the back of the envelope. Seal the envelope and put it in the larger envelope that is addressed to the Board of Elections. Mail or deliver your ballot following the regulations described in the other sections above.

Early Voting

Early Voting dates and times for each election being held will be posted on the main page.

New York State voters can vote in-person 10 days before Election Day at one or more voting sites in their county.

Early Voting Period: 10 days prior to an Election.

Early voting poll site (1):





Early Voting FAQ

Presidential Primary, State & Local Primary and General Election

You can now vote early for ALL of these elections.

What is Early Voting?

Voters can vote in-person before Election Day at one voting site in Seneca County.

Who can vote early?

All registered voters can vote early.

When can I vote early?

Early Voting in New York State will begin 10 days prior to an Election. The dates and times will be posted on the Board of Elections Website.

Where can I vote early?

You can vote in an early voting center in the county where you live.

The Early Voting Poll Site for Seneca County is:



How will I vote during early voting?

Voting during early voting is the same as voting on Election Day. When you get to the early voting center, you will check in to vote, receive your ballot and vote as any other election.

There will be instructions available at the early voting centers to familiarize you with the ballot.  There will also be a notice to voter and bill of rights.  You may ask an election inspector to explain how to vote, or if you need any assistance.

If you vote during the early voting period, you are not eligible to vote on Election Day.

When will early voting results be posted?

Early voting votes will be canvassed and reported after 9 pm on Election night.

Can I still vote by absentee ballot? 

Yes, If you are out of your home county, or if you live in New York City, are outside of the five boroughs, or if you are permanently or temporarily disabled, ill or are the primary care giver for one or more people who are ill or physically disabled, or a resident of a Veterans Hospital, or detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury action or incarcerated for an offense other than a felony you may apply for an absentee ballot.

How can I find out more about Early Voting?

You can contact your local Board of Elections or the State Board of Elections at 518-474-1953 or

Campaign Finance

Candidates running for office in Seneca County that expend or receive campaign contributions, and committees supporting or opposing those candidates, including county, city and town committees, must register and file periodic reports with the New York State Board of Elections. Such filings must be made electronically using the NYSBOE Electronic Filing System (EFS) Software unless a waiver allowing filing on paper has been applied for and granted in writing.

Exceptions to these filing requirements are:

  • Persons, associations or corporations whose ordinary business is the publication or distribution of any newspaper or publication issued at regular intervals
  • Candidates and committees required to file statements and reports pursuant to the laws of the United States and who are engaged in exclusively federal activities
  • Candidates for a member of a county committee or judicial district convention provided the campaign expenditures made by or on behalf of such candidate do not exceed $50
  • candidate and his authorized committee taking part solely in his campaign, in a city, town or village having a population of fewer than 10,000 persons as shown by the latest census, unless the aggregate receipts or expenditures of that candidate and committee exceed $1,000
  • A political committee formed solely to promote the success or defeat of any ballot proposition until that committee has received or expended in excess of $100

Complete instructions and regulations for filing are available at the following location:

New York State Board of Elections Campaign Finance

Election Ballots

2023 Primary Election Sample Ballots

2022 General Election Sample Ballots

2022 June Primary Sample Ballots

2021 General Election Sample Ballots

Presidential Election November 3rd, 2020

Presidential Primary Election (2020)

Primary Election (2020)

General Election (2019)

Election DistrictSample Ballots
CovertGE19 Ballot Covert
FayetteGE19 Ballot Fayette
GE19 Ballot Fayette Prop
JuniusGE19 Ballot Junius
LodiGE19 Ballot Lodi
OvidGE19 Ballot Ovid
RomulusGE19 Ballot Romulus
Seneca FallsGE19 Ballot Seneca Falls
TyreGE19 Ballot Tyre
VarickGE19 Ballot Varick
WaterlooGE19 Ballot Waterloo

Primary Election (2019)

Election DistrictLocationDemocraticRepublicanConservativeIndependence
Covert 1Covert Municipal BuildingN/AREP Covert 1 and 2CON Covert 1IND Covert 1
Covert 2Covert Municipal BuildingN/AREP Covert 1 and 2CON Covert 2IND Covert 2
Fayette 1Canoga FirehouseN/AREP Fayette 1CON Fayette 1IND Fayette 1
Fayette 2Fayette Town HallN/AREP Fayette 2CON Fayette 2IND Fayette 2
Fayette 3Waterloo Baptist ChurchN/AREP Fayette 3CON Fayette 3IND Fayette 3
Junius 1Junius Town HallN/AREP Junius 1CON Junius 1IND Junius 1
Lodi 1Lodi Town HallN/AREP Lodi 1CON Lodi 1IND Lodi 1
Ovid 1Ovid Fire DepartmentN/AREP Ovid 1 and 2CON Ovid 1IND Ovid 1
Romulus 1Seneca Community ChurchN/AREP Romulus 1 and 2CON Rom 1IND Rom 1
Romulus 2Romulus Municipal BuildingN/AREP Romulus 1 and 2CON Rom 2IND Rom 2
Romulus 3Seneca Community ChurchN/AREP Romulus 3CON Rom 3IND Rom 3
Seneca Falls 1Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 1IND SF 1
Seneca Falls 2Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 2IND SF 2
Seneca Falls 3Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 3IND SF 3
Seneca Falls 4Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 4IND SF 4
Seneca Falls 5Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 5IND SF 5
Seneca Falls 6Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 6IND SF 6
Seneca Falls 7Bridgeport Fire DistrictN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 7IND SF 7
Seneca Falls 8Seneca Falls Community CenterN/AREP Seneca Falls 1-8CON SF 8IND SF 8
Tyre 1Tyre Band HallN/AREP Tyre 1CON Tyre 1IND Tyre 1
Varick 1Varick Town BuildingN/AREP Varick 1CON Varick 1IND Varick 1
Waterloo 1Waterloo Community CenterDEM Waterloo 1REP Waterloo 1-5CON Waterloo 1IND Waterloo 1
Waterloo 2Waterloo Community CenterDEM Waterloo 2REP Waterloo 1-5CON Waterloo 2IND Waterloo 2
Waterloo 3Waterloo Community CenterDEM Waterloo 3REP Waterloo 1-5CON Waterloo 3IND Waterloo 3
Waterloo 4Serven FirehouseDEM Waterloo 4REP Waterloo 1-5CON Waterloo 4IND Waterloo 4
Waterloo 5Waterloo Community CenterDEM Waterloo 5REP Waterloo 1-5CON Waterloo 5IND Waterloo 5


Information on Nominating Petitions

General Information Regarding Nominating Petitions Persons wishing to run for elective office may either be designated by a political Party or nominated through the filing of an Independent Nominating Petition. Party members may also circulate petitions to create an opportunity to write in the name of an unspecified person for an office in which there is no contest for a Party endorsement. The current official political Parties are the Democratic, Republican, Independence, Conservative, and Working Families Parties. The requirements for all petitions are contained in the Election Law and are summarized below.

Format of Nominating Petition – The statute requires that all petitions be substantially in the form set forth in the law. Deviations or slight rearrangements of the form of the petition are not fatal defects, provided that the petition contains all of the required information.

  • Date of the election
  • Name of the candidate and the office or position sought
  • Candidate’s residence, and if different, their mailing or post office address
  • Information about the signer – date of signing, voter’s residence address, town or city
  • Information relating to the person who witnessed the signatures
  • The petition may include a committee on vacancies. Failure to provide such a committee, or naming a committee of fewer than three persons, will not invalidate the petition
  • The pages of a petition must be sequentially numbered and securely fastened
  • Petitions of 10 or more pages must have a cover sheet.

The voter need only sign the appropriate line on the petition sheet. All other information may be filled in by someone else. Corrections may be made to any information on the signature line. However, corrections or alterations in the date or the signature MUST be initialed by the person making the correction.

Voters may not sign a petition for more candidates than there are openings for an office. For example, if there is one council seat open, then the voter may only sign one petition for a candidate for that office. If there are 2 seats open, the voter may sign petitions for 2 candidates.

Witnesses to a Petition – Any registered voter residing within the state may circulate and witness a petition of the Party in which he or she is enrolled. The information required for the witness statement is mandatory. Omissions, errors, or unexplained alterations/corrections, may invalidate the entire page. When the witness signs the statement of a witness, they are making an oath that subjects them to the penalties for perjury if any of the information preceding their signature is false.

The information preceding the signature includes the name and residence of the witness, the number of signatures on the page, a statement that each person signed in their presence, and the date they are signing the statement. Witness identification information which follows the witness’s signature may be provided by anyone at any time before the petition is filed. This information includes the town or city and the county of the witness’s registration.

A Notary Public may circulate and witness a petition in any jurisdiction in which he or she is authorized to administer an oath. The Notary Public must execute a separate statement in lieu of the statement of a witness.

Cover Sheets – If there are 10 or more pages in a petition, there must be a cover sheet. Multi-volume petitions require a cover sheet for each volume. Cover sheets must contain the following information:

  • Name, residence address, and mailing address if different, of the candidate
  • The public office or Party position sought
  • The name of the Party or independent body making the nomination
  • A statement that the petition contains a number of signatures equal to or in excess of the number required by statute
  • (Optional) The name, residence address, (and mailing address if different) telephone number, and facsimile number of the person designated to receive notice of deficiencies in binding or cover sheet requirements

Types of Petitions w/ Examples

  • Designating Petitions  – If a Party nominates its candidates through the primary election process, Party designations for the primary are made on a designating petition. The number of signatures required on a petition varies by office. Only enrolled members of the Party qualified to vote for an office are eligible to sign a designating petition.
  • Independent Nominating Petition – To run for office on a line other than an official Party line, one must file an independent nominating petition. The number of signatures required to qualify the candidacy of a person on an independent Party line varies by office. Any registered voter who has not already signed a designating petition, and who is qualified to vote for an office, may sign an independent nominating petition for that office.
  • Opportunity To Ballot Petition – To create the opportunity to write in the name of an unspecified person for an office in which there is no contest for the Party endorsement, Party members may circulate an opportunity to ballot petition. The number of signatures required to create an opportunity for the ballot is equal to the number of signatures required to designate the Party’s candidate for that office.
  • Certificate of Acceptance – Candidates must file a certificate of acceptance (within a specific time frame) for nominations made by independent nominating petitions, or for designations of persons not enrolled as a member of that Party.
  • Certificate of Declination – A certificate of declination must be filed (within a specific time frame) should the candidate decide not to accept the designation or nomination.
  • Certificate of Substitution – Should a vacancy in a designation or nomination exist due to the declination, disqualification or death of a candidate a certificate of substitution may be filed.
  • Certificate of Authorization  – A certificate of authorization is required when political parties nominate a candidate who is not an enrolled member of that Party. The certificate of authorization must be signed and acknowledged by the presiding officer and the secretary of the meeting at which such authorization is given.

Political Calendar

Waterloo Village Elections

  • 2023 Waterloo Village Republican Primary, January 31st. Voting to be held at the Waterloo Community Center, (3 Oak Street) from Noon to 9pm. This Primary is for the registered Republican voters in the Village of Waterloo. The office on the ballot will be for Village Mayor. The candidates are, Jack O’Connor and Walter Bennett.
  • 2023 Waterloo Village General Election, March 21st. Voting to be held at the Waterloo Community Center, (3 Oak Street) from Noon to 9pm. The offices of Village Mayor and two Trustees will be on the Ballot.

Register to Vote

Qualifications for Voter Registration

To register to vote in Seneca County, you must:

  • Be a U. S. citizen
  • Be 18 years old by the date of the next primary, general or other election
  • Be a Seneca County resident for at least 30 days prior to an election
  • Not be in prison for a felony conviction
  • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere
  • Not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court

How To Register to Vote

How to Register

  1. Register online at the NYS Board of Elections website.
  2. Voter Registration Forms:
  3. Fill out the form using only blue or black ink
  4. Be sure to sign the form
  5. Mail (DO NOT FAX) the Voter Registration Form to:

Seneca County Board of Elections
1 DiPronio Drive
Waterloo, NY 13165

You can also obtain a Voter Registration Form by calling the Seneca County Elections office at 315-539-1760 or visiting most public libraries, government offices or post offices.

Handicap Accessible Absentee Information

You can also complete an Accessible version of the New York State Voter Registration Form on-line by clicking on the link below, typing the necessary information and selecting the appropriate boxes.

Accessible English Form On-line

Accessible Spanish Form On-Line

Once the form is completed, you need to print the form and sign and date it. Then, mail the form to your Seneca County Board of Elections.

Updating Your Voter Registration

Your residence address determines the particular contest in which you are eligible to vote. Because of the role that one’s address plays in the electoral system, New York State law requires voters to notify the Board of Elections within 25 days of an address change to preserve their voting rights.

You must notify the Board of Elections, in writing, to make any change to your registration (change of address or name). You may send us the change on a Registration application.

You can also make changes to your party affiliation by obtaining a Voter Registration Form, indicating the change and sending it to the Board of Elections. We will process the information and send you a new voter card reflecting the change in the party.

Please Note: a change of party enrollment will go into effect one week following the General Election. You cannot CHANGE your enrollment and vote in the NEW PARTY Primary of your choice in the same year. The last day to change your enrollment is the same as the last day to register for the General Election (25 days prior to the date of the General Election).

The Board has developed two programs to maintain accurate registration records:

  • The Board of Elections compares its file of registered voters to a file received from the United States Postal Service (USPS) of people who have submitted a change of address. For voters that match, the Board of Elections sends a confirmation notice to indeed verify if the voter has moved.
  • Reports received by state/county agencies (Mental Health, Corrections, Health Dept., Motor Vehicles, etc.) as mechanisms for keeping the voter registry current.

Important Dates for Voter Registration

There are certain deadlines for filing Voter Registration applications that impact your eligibility to vote in the next Primary or General Election. To learn more, contact the Seneca County Board of Elections at (315) 539-1760 or visit the following link:

Voter Registration Deadlines

Polling Places

DistrictPolling PlacesPhone
Covert 1Covert Municipal Building
8469 State Rt. 96,
Covert 2Covert Municipal Building
8469 State Rt. 96,
Fayette 1Canoga Firehouse
3576 State Rt. 89,
Fayette 2Fayette Town Hall
1439 Yellow Tavern Rd.,
Fayette 3Waterloo Baptist Church
2701 State Route 96,
Junius 1Junius Town Hall
655 Dublin Rd.,
Lodi 1Lodi Fire Department
8557 State Rt 414
Ovid 1Ovid Fire Department
2136 Brown St,
Ovid 2Ovid Fire Department
2136 Brown St,
Romulus 1Seneca Community Church
5738 State Rt. 96,
Romulus 2Romulus Municipal Building
1435 Prospect St.,
Romulus 3Seneca Community Church
5738 State Rt. 96,
Seneca Falls 1Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 2Seneca Falls Library,
47 Cayuga St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 3Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 4Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 5Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 6Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 7 Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls 8Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St.,
Seneca Falls
Tyre 1Tyre Municipal Building
1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls
Varick 1Varick Town Building
4782 State Rt. 96,
Waterloo 1Waterloo Community Center
3 Oak St.,
Waterloo 2Waterloo Community Center
3 Oak St.,
Waterloo 3Waterloo Community Center
3 Oak St.,
Waterloo 4Serven Firehouse
352 US Route 20,
Waterloo 5Waterloo Community Center
3 Oak St.,