• Burial Benefits: U.S. Flag, headstone/marker for unmarked grave, Presidential Memorial Certificate, monetary allowance (veterans who were receiving V.A. compensation, pension or died at VA Medical Center at time of death).
  • CHAMPVA / TRICARE: Healthcare for families of 100% service-connected veterans and families of military retirees.
  • Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC): Monthly benefits paid to widow(er)s and children of veterans who died while in the military, active duty for training or inactive duty training, died of a service-connected disability, or veterans who did not die as a result of a service-connected injury or disease, but were totally disabled by a service-connected disability for at least 10 years before death, or since their release from active duty and for at least five years before death, or for at least one year before death, if they were a former prisoner of war and died after Sept. 30, 1999. No income limit.
  • Education Benefits: A monthly benefit (based on period of military service) paid to veterans who are attending a VA approved school. Spouses and children of permanently and totally disabled veterans are also eligible.
  • Medical and Dental Benefits: Assistance in completing forms for medical care given by the VA Medical Centers. Eligibility based on amount of military time, service-connected disabilities and/or income. Prescriptions cannot be filled unless prescribed by VA physician.  Dental benefits have strict eligibility requirements.
  • Non-Service Connected Pension or Widow’s Death Pension : A monthly payment paid to wartime veterans who are totally and permanently disabled (or over age 65) and has income under the established income limits.  Other programs under this Pension Program exist for severely disabled, nursing home and for those with high medical expenses they are not reimbursed for. A monthly payment made to widow(er)s of wartime veterans who have income under the established limits.
  • Service Connected Compensation: A monthly benefit paid to veterans for their disabilities caused or aggravated by military service.
  • NPRC: Assistance in obtaining Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) / Service Treatment Records (STR) records.

New York State

  • New York State Real Property Tax Exemption: Assistance in applying for a NYS Alternative Veterans Property Tax Exemption for wartime veterans owning property in NYS.  Town of Seneca Falls residents who were Cold War veterans will qualify for town property tax exemption.
  • New York State Lifetime Liberty Pass: Assistance with applying for the Lifetime Liberty Pass for New York State Parks for veterans who qualify.  Veterans must be New York State residents with 40% or greater VA Disability to be eligible for this benefit.
  • New York State Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing License: Provide letters to veterans with 40% or greater VA Disability who are also New York State Residents so they may purchase Hunting and Fishing License for $5.00.
  • New York State Blind Annuity: Benefit paid to The Blind Annuity Program benefit is for legally blind wartime Veterans, or surviving un-remarried spouses of legally blind wartime Veterans, who live and are domiciled in New York State.  Blindness need not be a service-connected disability.