Seneca County Community Counseling Center (SCCCC) is committed to maintaining quality and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

All SCCCC employees are guided by the following philosophy: integrity, honestly, respect and fairness in all dealings with fellow employees, clients, consumers, vendors/suppliers, potential consumers and the community.

It is the personal responsibility of all who are associated with SCCCC to uphold the values and philosophy of our Center, including related policies and procedures and standards developed by SCCCC in connection with the Corporate Compliance Program.

In carrying out this philosophy, SCCCC has implemented and maintains a Corporate Compliance Program maintained and monitored by a Corporate Compliance Officer and Corporate Compliance Committee that focuses on:

  • Prevention of wrong doing, whether intentional or unintentional;
  • Reporting and investigation of questionable activities and practices without consequences to the reporting party;
  • Timely investigation and correction of any situation which puts SCCCC, its leadership, staff, funding sources or consumers at risk.

Any interested party can report,
without fear of retaliation, suspected instances of any questionable activities including, but not limited to, breaches of confidentiality, waste, fraud or abuse. Anonymous reports may be made by completion of a Corporate Compliance/Quality Assurance Complaint Form found in each program in the waiting areas and staff break rooms. Completed forms should be forwarded to:

Margaret Morse

Director of Community Services

Seneca County

31 Thurber Drive

Waterloo, NY 13165

(315) 539-1958


Other forms of reporting are equally encouraged, such as phone calls or emails directly to the Director of Community Services or to the Corporate Compliance Hotline. Confidentiality of all reporting will be upheld to the highest extent possible.

corporate compliance


(315) 539-1984

When indicated, concerns with corporate compliance may also be reported to the Community Services Board Chairperson Patricia Plyter at or the Seneca County Manager at