Submitting an Application for a Building Permit IS NOT ISSUANCE OF THE BUILDING PERMIT. Please allow a minimum of 5-10 business days for this office to complete the review of the Application. Once the review is complete and all required documentation has been provided, a Building Permit with a List of Required Inspections shall be issued.

Incomplete or illegible applications will be denied.

All applications MUST include

  1. A Copy of the Town or Village’s issued Zoning/Land Use Permit (if applicable).
  2. Proof of compliance with Section 57 of the Worker’s Compensation Law.
  3. When required by the Code Enforcement Officer, two complete sets of stamped plans and/or specifications.
  4. A completed Notice of Utilization of Truss Type Construction, Preenginered Wood Construction and/or Timber Construction.

You may not start work before the Building Permit is issued! You should be aware that any work done without required inspections may result in you exposing the work (at your own expense) for the Code Enforcement Officer to inspect.

A Stop Work Order will be issued if you begin work before the Building Permit is issued. So long as the Stop Work Order in effect, you may not continue any work on the project. A Stop Work Order may be lifted by remedying the issue that precipitated the Stop Work Order, and by paying a fee to lift the Order. The Fee is a minimum of $200, plus the cost of the permit application.

Zoning/Land Use Permits. A Building Permit will not be issued without a copy of the Town or Village’s Zoning Permit (if applicable) on file in this office. It is your responsibility to provide any Zoning/Land Use to this office. Note that projects, where the Town or Village denies or rescinds a Zoning Permit, will be also be denied or Stopped Work Order issued.

Fees. Application Fees are due in full at the time of application submission. We only accept Cash, Money Orders, and Checks made out to the Seneca County Treasurer are accepted. We cannot accept Credit/Debit Cards. Applications will not be accepted without the Fee paid in full.

The Fees paid on Denied Applications are non-refundable. Applicants may voluntarily cancel an application, but only 50% of the application fee will be refunded.

Workers’ Compensation Law. Applicants (Owners AND Contractors) are required under the New York State Worker’s Compensation Law (NYS WCL) to provide satisfactory proof of compliance with Section 57 of the Workers’ Compensation Law. Further, Seneca County Code Enforcement is required under the NYS WCL to verify that that submitted Workers’ Compensation policies are valid.

Not submitting valid Worker’s Compensation documentation will result in denial of your permit application, and possible legal action.

Acceptable proof of Workers’ Compensation includes Forms C-105.2, U-26.3, SI-12 or CE-200 Exemption from your contractor or yourself.

Notice of Utilization of Truss Type Construction, Pre-engineered Wood Construction and/or Timer Construction This Notice MUST be completed with any residential new construction, addition, repair, or rehabilitation project. In addition, a truss identification placard must be mounted on the electric box mounted on the exterior of the residence.

Time Frame. When plans are required by the Code Enforcement Official, a duplicate set of plans must be on the premises at all times for the code official to look at during the construction process. Building Permits are good for one full year from the date of issuance. They may be renewed for ½ the original Application fee. Building Permits that remain open, but not renewed (ie, No Final Inspection was called), are subject to a cumulative renewal fee to close.

Inspections. Once a Building Permit is issued, Applicants MUST call the main office at 315-539-1950 or your assigned Code Enforcement officer to schedule the required inspections 24 hours in advance.

Customer Checklists

The following Customer Checklists have been provided for your reference. Please note that not all projects will require all items on a Checklist. Please consult with your design professional or with a Seneca County Code Enforcement Officer if you have questions or concerns.

Other Documents