The Items Listed Below May Be Placed In The Same Blue Bin Or Toter For Recycling

  • Glass: Any color food or beverage bottles and jars. Clean to remove food residue and odors. Remove and discard lids or caps. No broken glass.
  • Newspapers & Magazines: Any newspaper, inserts, magazines, and catalogs. Fold neatly and place in a brown paper bag or place loose in blue box or toter. Do not place in plastic bags.
  • Metal/aluminum Cans And Foil: Any metal food can or aluminum foil. Clean to remove food residue and odors.
  • Plastic: Containers with recycling code #1 – #7 on the bottom with three recycling arrows; rigid plastic is also acceptable (ex. Items that are stackable and crackable). No motor oil containers. Remove and discard lids and tops. Clean to remove residue and odors. Styrofoam cannot be included. Do not place items in large garbage bags.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Cardboard with wavy middle layer ONLY. Flatten all boxes. Remove excess tape and labeling. Cut to a maximum of 3 ft. x 3 ft. by 18 inches high. Tie in bundles.
  • Boxboard: Examples include cereal and tissue boxes, paper towel rolls and soda carriers. Preparation: Simply flatten and place in a blue bin or toter.
  • Office Paper & Junk Mail: Advertising flyers, colored or white paper, envelopes, shredded paper, and computer paper. Place in a brown bag or loose in the blue bin or toter.
  • Gable-Top Containers: This includes juice cartons with tear-open tops. Preparation: Thoroughly rinse and flatten.
  • Items That Are Not Recyclable: Styrofoam, window or broken glass, light bulbs. Aerosol cans, scrap metal, ceramics, china, Pyrex, any hazardous material and/or containers, and plastic bags. Plastic bags can be returned to supermarkets.

Enhanced Additions To Recycling Program

Toters: Seneca County can residents can purchase 65-gallon toters from Cardinal Disposal in lieu of using 8 blue bins. The purchase price is $75.00 plus sales tax. Resident owned toters must be marked with a label stating This toter is for recycling.

Helpful Reminders

  1. Recycling pick-up starts at 6:30 am through 5 pm on your scheduled day. Pick-ups throughout the day are based upon route efficiencies. To ensure pick-ups, please have your containers out by 6:30 am
  2. A per stop maximum of (8) eight recycling bins or (2) two 65-gallon toters are permitted. Blue bins are available in the Real Property Tax Office at the County Office Building, 1 DiPronio Drive, Third Floor, Waterloo, NY 13165
  3. No Pick-up on the Following Days
    1. Memorial Day
    2. Independence Day
    3. Labor Day
    4. Thanksgiving Day
    5. Christmas Day
    6. New Years Day

If your normal collection day falls on or after one of the observed holidays then your collection for that week will be delayed one service day. For Example: if a Holiday falls on Monday the normal Monday collection will be done on Tuesday, Tuesday collection will be done on Wednesday and so forth throughout the week until all collections are completed by the end of business on Saturday.