All license and motor vehicle renewals can be done in person or forwarded to the address listed. When you renew through us, Seneca County keeps a portion of the fee. If you renew through the State, they keep 100% of the fee.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is still closed, but patiently awaiting an opening date from the Governor. I know that there are many young adults waiting to take the written permit test once we do open. I am at this time compiling a list of names and numbers of those wishing to take the test so that when we do open we can work to get everyone taken care of. Once we get an open date you would receive a phone call to schedule a day and time to come into the office to take the permit test. If you would like to be added to the list please call 315-539-1770 between 9:00 and 4:00. This service is only open to SENECA COUNTY RESIDENTS at this time.

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