Whenever a Paper or Document, presented to a County Clerk for filing or recording is not legible or otherwise unsuitable for copying or recording, the County Clerk may require a legible or suitable copy thereof along with such paper or document, and the fees shall be payable for the copy as are for the paper or document. Black ink and yellow highlighter should be used on all documents for scanning purposes.

Assumed Name of Partnership

File certificate$25.00
File amended for address$ –
Discontinuance$ –
Certify prepared copy$5.00
Prepare and certify copy
1.50 per page, minimum$5.00
– maximum$30.00

Building Loan Contract

Discharge B/L Agreement$5.00
Margin Note$0.50


Filed (other than covered by law)$25.00


File Incorporation$ 25.00


Recorded or filed documents$0.65
To certify prepared copy$5.00
1.25 per page, minimum$5.00
In addition to other fees


Satisfaction$ –
Transcript of Judgment to file$10.00
Issue Transcript (dispostion)$5.00
Issue Certificate of Disposition,
Cancellation, or Assignment
De Fault (for index number)$210.00
Release of Lien to record$25.00
Plus per page$3.00
Plus for each lease released in excess of one$3.00


Lis Pendens, file & record$35.00
Lis Pendens, to cancel$35.00
Assignment of money due
on contract or order
Mechanic’s Lien, to file$15.00
Plus file affidavit service$5.00
Mechanic’s Lien, to cancel
discharge by payment to court
Notice of Lending$15.00
Discharge notice of Lending


Filing (mylar & 2 cert copies)$10.00


Federal Tax Liens$40.00
Mechanic’s Lien

UCC – Uniform Commercial Code

Original financing statement$40.00
Continuations, Assignments,
Releases, Amendments
Terminations and Searches
are same as above


Cover Page$3.00
Record and Index$25.00
Plus per page$3.00
File Gains Tax (TP-584)$5.00
File Equalization & Assessment$125/250
Margin Notes, first one$0.50
– additional$3.00
Deed notification fee$10.00

Federal Tax Lien

To file or discharge$40.00

Index Numbers

For Action or Special Proceeding$210.00
Request for Judicial Intervention$95.00
Note of Issue$30.00
Trial by Jury$65.00
Motion/Cross Motion$45.00
Orders – Included in index fee


Any instrument except in action
of proceeding having no index
Separation Agreement$5.00

Matrimonial Decrees

To file (covered by index#)$ –
File certificate of dissolution$5.00


Cover Page$3.00
To Record$25.00
Plus per page$3.00
Margin note$ 0.50
Mortgage Tax is 1%
-of mortgage amount
3.00 for each mortgage
-in excess of 1
Discharge of mortgage
-is same as above plus
-3.00 for each mortgage
-in excess of 1

Notary Public

Fee to Seneca County Clerk$60.00
Issue Certificate of Appointment$5.00
Certificate Authenticating Notary$3.00


Adults (16 yrs and older)$110.00
Children (16 yrs and under)$80.00
Execution of Application$35.00
Renewal$110.00 /
Expedite – additional $60 plus postage

Tax Release

Estate of Transfer Tax Lien$25.00
– plus per page$3.00
– plus for each cross reference$0.50
– plus cover page$3.00

Court Fees

of Discontinuance
Scar Petitions$30.00
Notice of Appeal$65.00
– from town