Veteran’s Services


  • Burial Benefits: U.S. Flag, headstone / marker for unmarked grave, Presidential Memorial Certificate, monetary allowance (veterans who were receiving V.A. compensation, pension or died at VA Medical Center at time of death; or died of a service-connected disability).
  • CHAMPVA / CHAMPUS / TRICARE: Healthcare for families of 100% service-connected veterans and families of military retirees.
  • Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC): Monthly benefits paid to widow(er)s and children of veterans who died while in the military, died of a service-connected disability, or was 100% service-connected at time of death. No income limit.
  • Education Benefits: A monthly benefit (based on period of military service) paid to veterans who are attending a VA approved school. Spouses and children of permanently and totally disabled veterans are also eligible.
  • Medical and Dental Benefits: Assistance in completing forms for medical care given by the VA Medical Centers. Eligibility based on amount of military time, service-connected disabilities and/or income. Prescriptions cannot be filled unless prescribed by VA physician.
  • Non-Service Connected Pension: A monthly payment paid to wartime veterans who are totally and permanently disabled (or over age 65) and have income under the established income limits.
  • Service Connected Compensation: A monthly benefit paid to veterans for their disabilities caused or aggravated by military service.
  • Widow’s Death Pension: A monthly payment made to widow(er)s of wartime veterans who have income under the established limits.
  • NPRC: Assistance in obtaining Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) / Service Treatment Records (STR) records.

New York State

  • New York State Real Property Tax Exemption: Assistance in applying for a NYS Alternative Veterans Property Tax Exemption for wartime veterans owning property in NYS.  Town of Seneca Falls residents who were Cold War veterans will qualify for town property tax exemption.
  • New York State Lifetime Liberty Pass: Assistance with applying for the Lifetime Liberty Pass for New York State Parks for veterans who qualify.  Veterans must be New York State residents with 40% or greater disability to be eligible for this benefit.
  • New York State Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing License: Provide letters to veterans with 40% or greater VA Disability who are also New York State Residents so they may purchase Hunting and Fishing License for $5.00.
  • New York State Blind Annuity : Benefit paid to The Blind Annuity Program benefit is for legally blind  wartime Veterans, or surviving un-remarried spouses of legally blind wartime Veterans, who live and are domiciled in New York State.  Blindness need not be a service-connected disability.