veterans service agency

Veteran’s Service Agency

Mission Statement:

The Seneca County Veterans Service Agency is committed to providing assistance and support to veterans, their spouses, widows, family members and dependent children through the pursuance of veterans benefits at the County, State and Federal levels and referrals to other agencies for possible assistance.

This is done to promote better physical and mental health, improve quality of life and to ensure every veteran or dependent receives the benefits they are entitled to.

By meeting our mission we provide the following:

Specialized maximum assistance to veterans, their dependents and servicemen in all matters pertaining to the problems of veterans and their families. This includes counseling on benefits and entitlements of veterans and their families under Federal, State and Local Laws that provide special services, benefits or preference. Assistance provided in completing and processing claims for education, compensation, pension, medical, vocational rehabilitation, real property tax exemptions, government insurance, home loans, and numerous other Federal, State and Local entitlements.

Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans Crisis Line

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