emergency management

Emergency Management


Seneca County All Hazard Mitigation Plan.


Seneca County’s Emergency Management provides a County-wide emergency management program, leadership, continuity and direction to enable Seneca County to respond to, recover from and mitigate the impact of natural, man-made or technological disasters upon the people or property of Seneca County.

No public or private entity is immune to disasters and no single segment of society can meet the complex needs of a major emergency or disaster on its own. Seneca County Emergency Management provides a comprehensive, integrated program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, for emergencies/disasters of any kind.

In the Seneca County community there are various groups who perform vital Emergency Management dedicated to protecting health, safety and well being of the people. Police, Firefighters, Emergency Medical and health personnel, public works, human/social service agencies and departments, all play a key role in response to emergencies/disasters. These are the first responders who, both paid and volunteer, put their own lives on the line to save others.

Historically, none of these emergency service gdaughter1roups or individuals had the legal responsibility to organize all of the others in the community. No single group has the responsibility to work closely with all the other groups and individuals to develop, implement and test a comprehensive emergency operations plan. Also, no single group is
responsible to see that during an emergency/disaster, the collective response of all emergency service departments and agencies will be effectively coordinated.

Seneca County Emergency Management was created as the lead agency or entity, to coordinate multi-organizational community planning, response and recovery. Through Emergency Management, effective partnerships are created and nurtured in advance of a disaster through the development of a proactive, comprehensive emergency operations plan. During a disaster, response and recovery efforts are coordinated from an Emergency Operations Center that is staffed by personnel and representatives from all emergency service departments and agencies involved in operations.

Functions of Emergency Management:

  • Provides emergency leadership to county & Village officials, agencies, partners and the public.
  • Manages the county’s Emergency Operations Center and 24/7 warning center.
  • Enhances emergency capabilities.
  • Provides emergency planning.
  • Conducts training and exercise programs.
  • Coordinates disaster recovery activities.
  • Manages the county’s Citizen Corps program.
  • Manages the County’s Animal Rescue Team
  • Activates Emergency Alert Network (EAN)
  • Manages the County’s Homeland Security Program
  • Manages the County’s Fire Investigation Team
  • Manages the County’s Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team

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