Foster Care


Foster Hope…Foster Love

Foster Care and Adoption in Seneca County

Changing Lives-One Child at a Time

 Is foster care right for me and my family?

Seneca County Foster Parents…..

  • Come in all ages, 21 and up.
  •  Are married, single or partners.
  •  Have children living at home, or not.
  •  Rent or own their home.
  • Are working , stay at home, or retired 

For more information: 

Foster Care FAQ

Seneca CountyAdoption

 Foster Parent Requirements

Foster Care Basics

NYS Office of Children & Family Services

Child Protective Services/State Register Forms

Recognizing/Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

 To contact the Seneca County Foster Care and Adoption Program:

315-539-1878 or 1-800-688-7188 ext 1878