child support collection unit

Child Support Collection Unit

These services are available even if the absent parent resides out of state. Location information services, establishment of paternity and support obligations, and collection and enforcement of support orders.

Child Support Hotline: 866-227-7035

Seneca County Fatherhood Connection

Seneca County Fatherhood Referral

Any parent or guardian who needs
help in establishing or collecting child support.

Child Support Standards:
17% One Child
25% Two Children
29% Three Children
31% Four Children
No less than 35% for Five or More Children

Payment Notice:

Effective September 1, 1994, court ordered support payments must be mailed and made payable to the NYS Child Support Processing Center at P.O. Box 15363, Albany, NY 12212-5363.

The local unit at P.O. Box 690, Waterloo, NY 13165-0690 is still responsible for monitoring the regularity of payments, taking necessary action on enforcement and is your contact for questions or reporting changes in circumstances or income.

The location of the unit is at the Seneca County Office Building located at 1 DiPronio Drive, Waterloo, NY.

You can send money orders, certified or personal checks to the Albany address for payments.

Uncovered Medical Expenses & Day Care Costs

New York State Child Support Web Site

Federal Child Support Web Site