Department of Mental Health

Victim Witness-Domestic Violence Program

The Seneca County Victim Witness-Domestic Violence Program has a dual purpose. We provide services to both domestic violence and crime victims. Our philosophy is to work with each individual and determine what services would be most helpful to them. There is no fee for our services. It is the intent of this program to empower those whom we serve, so that they can begin to take charge of their lives.

Services Offered Are:

  1. Advocacy in both the Family Court and the Criminal Court Systems
  2. Court Accompaniment
  3. 24 hour Hotline for Domestic Violence Victims
  4. Women’s Domestic Violence Support Group
  5. Crime Victim Board Applications
  6. Assistance in completing Family Court Petitions, DHS applications etc.
  7. Education regarding domestic violence
  8. Information/referrals regarding other county resources
  9. Emergency Services including shelter arrangements
  10. Safe Phones and Link for Life Units
  11. A safe meeting place for victims of Domestic Violence

Please call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 315-539-1607 or 1-800-688-7188 ext 1607 to reach the Domestic Violence staff.

GAIA Room:

Gaia is the name given to the completely confidential, safe
space provided by the Seneca County Domestic Violence Center.

In Greek mythology, Gaia emerged into existence from Chaos, the void of emptiness within the university. From there Gaia gave birth to the rest of Creation. She is a symbol of both new life and strength and is often pictured with the world in her grasp. The name was given to this room because of her resilience, strength , power and hope.