department of motor vehicles

Department of Motor Vehicles

All license and motor vehicle renewals can be done in person or forwarded to the address listed. When you renew through us, Seneca County keeps a portion of the fee. If you renew through the State, they keep 100% of the fee.

COVID – 19 Response Press Release

Seneca County Clerk Tina Lotz is reporting that to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order 202.8 the Waterloo OMV will be closed until further notice. We have 2 drop boxes at the County Office building (one at the North entrance and one at the South) that you may use to drop off transactions. There will also be a drop box by the County Clerk’s Office that you may use. The Order also calls for extention of Driver’s License, and registrations expiring on or after March 21, 2020. It also calls for the cancellation of all road tests.

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Driver Services and Information

Vehicle Services and Information

News and Tips

  • Quickly find information for members of the US Armed Forces, veterans and military families on the DMV Armed Forces Support and Information page.
  • Checkout the Page about the NYS non-driver photo ID card documents that improve identification protection and help to prevent identity theft.
  • Learn how to get the “Clean Pass” vehicle stickers to use the Long Island Expressway (LIE) high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes with only one occupant in the vehicle. You can get the stickers for a model year 2000 to 2004 Honda Insight, a model year 2001 to 2006 Toyota Prius or a model year 2003 to 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. Clean Pass.
  • The Driver Responsibility Program began on November 18, 2004. Read information about driver responsibility assessments.
  • Protect yourself against the purchase of a vehicle or boat affected by Hurricane Katrina orHurricane Rita. Go to the web site of the National Insurance Crimes Bureau.
  • Read about the new NYS Vehicle Inspection Program (NYVIP) that will include an OBDII test of the emissions control systems of vehicles. Read Information.
  • The NYS Commercial Driver’s Manual for CDL drivers is now on-line. Read the list of Manual sections you can download and print.
  • Read about the required certifications for original or renewal commercial driver license (CDL)applicants.
  • Get information about the new requirement for the CDL “S” endorsement for school bus drivers.
  • Commercial carriers can get credentials for IRP, HUT, IFTA, and SSRS at the OSCAR website.
  • Read the information about ATV registrations.
  • You can save time at the DMV office when you register a vehicle that you purchased in a private sale. Use the
    E-ZVisit registration option!
  • Read the FAQs to get information about reserved parking for persons with disabilities, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, mopeds, DWI, motor vehicle accidents, traffic tickets, changes of name or address, and other topics.
  • Get statistics about driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and motor vehicle accidents