Section 4(d)(6) of Seneca County Local Law 2 of 2006, as amended requires that the Seneca County Department of Building and Fire Code Enforcement deny any Building or Operating Permit Application for properties that are subject to any lien for delinquent taxes that has remained unpaid for at least three years as defined in section 1102, Article 11 of the Real Property Tax Law of the State of New York.

Further Section 4(d)(6) requires that the permit applicant provide proof that the property is not subject to any lien for delinquent taxes.

What this means is that if you apply for a Building Permit and your property (or your customer’s property if you are the contractor) has unpaid property taxes, we cannot issue the Building Permit.

Payment Plan agreements with the Seneca County Treasurer DO NOT allow us to issue a Building Permit.

Please note that while we have access to the County Treasurer’s tax payment records, not all Towns and Villages in Seneca County keep their tax records electronically, especially during the tax collection season of January – May.

If you are applying for a Building Permit during this period, please be prepared to provide copies of the receipts of payment for your School, Town, and Village (if applicable) taxes.