County Historian:
Walter Gable

Seneca County Office Building,
1 DiPronio Drive,
Waterloo, NY 13165
Phone: (315) 539-1785

Written History Of Seneca County, NY
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Unit One - Geography & Geology
- Chapter 1 - Geography of Seneca County
- Chapter 2 - Geology in Seneca County

Unit Two - Human History Prior To 1804
- Chapter 1 – Original Inhabitants and the Iroquois
- Chapter 2 – Story of Indians in Seneca County
- Chapter 3 – White Man Contacts Before the Sullivan Campaign of 1779
- Chapter 4 – The Sullivan Campaign of 1779
- Chapter 5 – Early Settlement in Seneca County
- Chapter 6 – Horatio Jones
- Chapter 7 – The Military Tract

Unit Three - Establishment of Seneca County & Townships
Chapter 1 – Establishment of Seneca County Boundaries
- Chapter 2 – Historical Sketch
- Chapter 3 – History of the Towns of Seneca County
- Chapter 4 – What’s In a Name?
- Chapter 5 - The Establishment of Seneca County on March 24, 1804

Unit Four - Important Events & Topics
- A Did You Know for Seneca Falls
- A History of the Vehicle and Traffic Law in New York State
- African Americans in Seneca County in 1810
- Agricultural College (“The New York State College of Agriculture at Willard”)
- Agriculture in Seneca County in the mid 1800s
- Anti-Slavery Activity in Seneca County Before the Civil War
- Antonio Varacalli
- Birth of the Women's Rights Movement in Seneca County
- Cayuga and Seneca Canal
- Cayuga Lake and Ice Harvesting
- Cayuga Lake Bridge
- Cayuga Lake History Highlights
- Cayuga Lake Park History
- Cayuga Lake When It Freezes Over
- Charlotte Jackson
- Christmas During the Civil War
- Cobblestone Buildings - Their Nature In General
- Cobblestone Houses In Seneca County
- County Seat Story
- Degory Prowtt
- Dey Family
- Droves of Animals on the Early Roads
- Dunlap, Andrew - The Rear Admiral
- Early Automobile History
- Early History of Kendaia
- Early History of Kendaia
- Early History of Seneca County--Up to About 1830
- Early Marriages, Births & Deaths in Seneca County
- Early Settlement in Seneca County
- Early Settlers in the Town of Romulus (from Centennial Obser
- Early Settlers in the Town of Romulus (from Centennial Observer)
- Elections History
- Everyone Loves a Story: A Personal History by Gloria Paris
- Fossenvue (Queen’s Castle)
- Frederick Furniss
- Frontenac, The
- Frozen Cayuga & Seneca Lakes
- Greek Revival Architecture in Seneca County
- Grist Mills in Our Early History
- Haunted Stories of the Seneca Falls Historical Society
- Historic Firsts for Seneca County
- Historic Markers in Seneca County
- History of Convention Days in Seneca Falls, NY
- History of Seneca County Until 1830
- History of the Waterloo Library and Historical Society
- Independence Day (Fourth of July)
- Isaac Phillips Roberts
- John Delafield
- John Johnston and the First Use of Drainage Tile in the United States
- Key Dates in Sampson History
- Key Developments in Seneca Falls History
- Link Between Economic Growth and Antebellum Reform
- Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute
- Mary Gahan
- McDuffee Town School District No. 9, Varick
- McDuffietown Church Destroyed
- Memorial Day, the First
- Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
- Montezuma Wetlands and the Montezume National Wildlife Refuge
- Murder of Ezekiel Crane
- Murder of John Walters and Execution of Charles Johnson
- Mynderse, Wilhelmus
- Nature of the Burned Over District
- Northern Seneca County in the Antebellum Years
- Postcards History
- Reform Movements in Seneca County Before the Civil War
- Religion in Seneca County Before the Civil War
- Richmond Aqueduct
- Sanborn Maps
- Sampson, Rear Admiral William
- Samuel Bear
- Scythe Tree Story
- Seneca Army Depot Story - After World War II
- Seneca Army Depot Story - Construction of 500 Igloos
- Seneca Army Depot Story - Impact Upon the Local Community
- Seneca Army Depot Story--The Displacement of Farm Families
- Seneca Army Depot—Then and Now
- Seneca County and the Burned-Over District
- Seneca County Before European Settlement
- Seneca County Board of Supervisors History (Walt's version)
- Seneca County entry in French's Gazeteer
- Seneca County Fair Before 1920
- Seneca County Farming During the Civil War Era
- Seneca County History Until 1830
- Seneca County Seal
- Seneca County: Its Continuing Role in Seneca County
- Seneca County Wheat Farming During the Civil War
- Seneca Falls Power Plant
- Showing Local History Before 1900 Through Architecture arti
- Slavery at Rose Hill
- Sodus Bay Railroad That Never Ran
- Some Interesting Facts About Seneca County
- Sullivan Campaign of 1779 (unabridged version)
- Taverns and Hotels at the Corner of Fall and State Streets in Seneca Falls
- Taverns and Hotels in Seneca Falls
- Telephones in Seneca County
- Temperance and Women's Dress Reform in Seneca County
- The Busy Bee and the Skipper
- The Earliest Doctors in Seneca County
- The First Public Execution in Seneca County
- The Flats in Seneca Falls - A Brief History
- The Free Bridge
- The Gore
- The Gould Hotel in Seneca Falls
- The Greely Expedition
- The Hoag House
- The Influenza Pandemic of 1918
- The Kingdom
- The Movement of the Rose and Nicholas Families from Virginia
- The Naming of Van Cleef Lake
- The Ovid Academy and the Seneca Collegiate Institute
- The Plight of Many Seneca County Cemeteries
- Public Execution of John Andrews in 1811
- The Railroad Connecting Geneva and Ithaca
- The Reasons That Seneca Falls Might Well Be the Real Bedford
- The Romulus Female Seminary
- The Sea Serpent of Seneca Lake
- The Spit Box Cannon
- The Trolley Line from Geneva to Cayuga Lake Park
- The Underground Railroad & Anti-Slavery Movement
- The Waterloo Organ Company
- The Waterloo Wagon Company
- The Way West Through Northern Seneca County
- The West Junius Methodist Church
- The Windmill
- Thomas Nast and His Civil War Christmas Illustrations
- Three Bears
- Trinity Episcopal Church in Seneca Falls
- Uncovering the History of the Backbone Ridge
- Unsuccessful Efforts to Change the Boundary Between Seneca and Ontario Counties
- Varick, Colonel Richard
- Washington Irving Didnt Sleep Here, But....
- Waterloo, NH named after Waterloo, NY
- Whipping Post at the Ovid Court House, The Old
- William Lyman Eastman
- Women in the Civil War
- Wm Watts Folwell

Unit Five - Miscellaneous Information
- Compiled for the Bicentennial of Seneca County (March 2004)
- Seneca County Historic Newsletters from the 1980's

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